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Unfrustrating Computers
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Providing computer repair, malware removal, remote backup and networking for small businesses and home offices


We can Unfrustrate your computers in many different ways.  Some of these services are:

Planning - Do you intend to grow your business,add staff, open additional offices, access you business information from remote locations SECURELY?  We help you plan your computer infrastructure so it can grow with your company and even reduce costs.

Remote Backups - We can show you a simple and inexpensive way to ensure business continuity by securely storing a copy of your company's information with an online service.  

Wiring - We are can do the wiring for all your Data, Voice, Audio/Video and alarm needs

Server Installations -
using Windows Server 2008 and/or 2003 depending on your needs.

Thin Clients
- Hard-drive-less computers that allow all processing to be performed on the server, located either in your office or someplace in cyberspace.  These devices are low cost and require NO maintenance.  They will also force users to store all their information in a central location as dedicated by "Best Business Practices".

Server Upgrades
- It doesn't have to mean replacing everything, just upgrade components like memory or disk space.  Use the server operating system as it was designed and watch you network speed up!

Antivirus / malware / spyware - The products of malicious minds, these that can cost you everything you have worked to build.  By taking a look at your practices, we can speed up your computers and save you time (money).

Remote Access – We connect to your computer and repair it without having to come to you.

Network Monitoring – We can watch all your computers and network devices 24x7 and report back to you if there is a problem.

Cost cutting - We can review your existing network expenses and direct you to a less costly alternative.

Computer Repair - Fix most annoyances including viruses, weird noises, monitor flickers and connectivity issues.

Monthly maintenance contracts - We can assist you with all your computer needs - we will be available to you 24x7.

Help Desk and tutoring - If you need someone to hold your hand while trying a new task, looking for a new way to process that information or just want to ask a stupid question, we are here to help.

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